Campus media – how will they survive?

My old alma mater — the Queen’s Journal — asked me write a piece for their last issue of the student newspaper. I loosely knew I wanted to write about the future of campus media, and then started to read up on what’d been happening on campus. Gabe King, the long-suffering den mother of the Journal said — as I suspected — that both readership and advertising were down.

But I was also struck by how little innovation was actually happening. Shouldn’t universities and campus media be the hub of innovation? Weren’t university students the ones who protest, have sit-ins?

My Queen’s Journal article here.

I’ve got to say, while the piece calls for people to start innovating in their media before it’s too late, in the build up to writing the piece I came across one prof at Queen’s doing lots of innovating. If you haven’t already, you should really check out the work of Sydney Eve Matrix at cyberpop.


4 responses to “Campus media – how will they survive?

  1. Good stuff … first Queen’s Journal article I ever read beginning to end.

  2. You obviously don’t remember me.

  3. Unfortunately, however, campus papers often don’t have the resources to invest a solid chunk of resources into their websites. I know my old campus paper, Excalibur, despite advertising being down, we still made over 100k on print and only 2-4k on web, so our advertising manager wouldn’t allow us to take the focus off the print product.

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