There’s nothing like Italian, leather shoes.

Hello new shoes. You are so sweet. So comfortable. I love you.

There’s something so great about shoes, about Italian-made, leather-lined shoes. They look awesome, feel awesome . . . and are, quite frankly, awesome.

This pair didn’t look like much on the shelf. You had to try them on to realize how fantastic they are. As soon as they were on my feet I knew I’d be buying them.

So the question becomes what do you buy online?

I’ve bought:

Wedding presents (BEST place to get wedding presents. Way easier then printing off registry, trying to read the numerical codes etc etc).

Books (Obviously)

Music (who buys it anywhere else now?)

Movies (both buying/renting)

Groceries — I bought from Grocery Gateway in 2001 while at Ryerson University.

Tickets. Concerts, mainly, but also cultural events.

All things travel-related (rental car, flights, package holidays).

Bulbs — the kind you plant in your garden. In fact, I’ve ordered, bulbs, seeds and living little plant-lets that arrive in a protective wee box.

Toilet flapper replacement. True — bought it online. Have odd “Toto” toilet and it’s hard to find the flappers. I should note the stupid flapper still leaks.

I don’t order home renos online, but I do investigate things and people online when it comes to renos — look up homestars and Better Business Bureau.

What do I not buy online?

Shoes and clothes. I’ve thought about buying from J Crew online, because they don’t have stores in Canada. Also thought about buying from Anthropologie until they came to Canada, but never actually have. I think the hold back is that you really really never know if something is going to fit, look good, be the right size and it’s such a hassle to send it back that the hassle of perhaps having to mail it back means I just don’t buy.

This weekend I was on a quest to get flat, brown-ish shoes for work. I walked away with not flat tan-ish shoes. They’ll still go with the brown pants, but they’re not what I had in mind. And that thrill of the find, the unexpected whimsy of a pair of shoes, is what makes shoe shopping — and clothes shopping — fun.


2 responses to “There’s nothing like Italian, leather shoes.

  1. As you do, I have bought music, books, tickets and movies online and travel stuff.

    I have bought clothes online — mainly from eBay (the line I like we did not have in Canada), thought I do stick close to stuff I know will fit — shirts, dresses, sweaters. Only been burned once — and it was because I read the listing wrong (the shirt was an XXL, and I was a small). But the great thing about that was I just resold it on eBay, and found one my size to buy with those winnings.

    I don’t think I ever could do shoes, because you’re right, Marissa, sometimes you just gotta feel them on your feet!

  2. Beautiful shoes! Thanks for the online shopping tips.

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